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GPU ECS Animation Baker

Leverage the power of DOTS, ECS & GPU Animation instancing to animate tens of thousands of characters at the same time

Easy conversion from classic Unity Animators & Skinned mesh renderers to GPU ECS Animators

Supports URP & HDRP, LODs, blend sampling & animation transitions

GPU ECS Animation baker works by baking all the bone weights into the UV channels of the meshes + baking all the bone transformations per frame into animation textures.

A custom vertex shader will take care of the rest. All your existing shader graph materials can be easily adjusted to be usable for GPU ECS animation via a custom subgraph function.

An ECS animation system will take care of updating all the shader values each frame.

The end result is a lightning fast animation system that is capable of rendering tens of thousands of animated characters at once each running their own animation.

Note: This asset requires Unity ECS 1.0.14 or higher. We will commit to upgrading the asset to be compatible with the latest ECS release.


Download a demo exe with all the samples included in the asset here:

Download the documentation for GPU ECS Animation baker here:

Have a look at the tutorial videos here:

  • YouTube

Have a look at the demo videos here:

  • YouTube

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