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DOTS & ECS Specialists

The title we’re currently working on, has some heavy requirements on the CPU. In order to achieve this with Unity, we’ve heavily invested in DOTS & ECS from the start. In doing so, we’ve become specialized in this technology as early adopters. If you struggle with getting good performance, or you have too many game objects for Unity to be able to handle in your game, we can help you learn & shift your architecture from traditional game objects to full ECS entities with high parallelized & burst compiled code, drastically improving overall performance.

3D Art, Modelling, Animation and Visualization

Head First Studios comprises a variety of highly talented artists. If you need any type of 2D or 3D assets for your projects (characters, environments, props), we offer 3D Modelling, Animation and Visualization services to help bring your games to life.



We understand the value of creating the right atmosphere to immerse players into your game universe, and will leverage our in-house expertise to make your title stand out.

Support on corporate and gaming projects

From conceptualization to core development and release, we can help your team achieve its objectives, especially in AR/VR.



We have 30 years of aggregate experience developing games, creating tools & visual effects and providing consultancy services. 

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